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Debby Mason - Azores

New Whale Prints, The Azores & Inspiration

I was extremely fortunate last year to have been able to spend a week on Pico island in the Azores at the home of Dorothy Clarke and her daughter Zoe . Dot and her late husband Malcolm were friends of my parents.  Dr.Malcolm Clarke was a fellow of the Royal Society and a world expert on Whales and […]

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Irreplaceable creatures on the 'EDGE' of existence

Irreplaceable creatures on the ‘EDGE’ of existence

“Elephants, rhinos and tigers may be the poster boys of the animal kingdom, but many of the world’s most extraordinary animals are slipping towards extinction unnoticed. The long-beaked echidna (one of only two types of egg-laying mammal), and Chinese giant salamander (a newt that has reached human sized proportions) have few close relatives on the […]

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SAHFOS and the Importance of Plankton

SAHFOS and the Importance of Plankton

Here’s a really interesting video animation describing the importance of plankton and the Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey

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Seahorses ready for release

A Seahorse Research Trip in the Parque Natural – Portugal

The seahorses that I have etched have all come from drawings made of seahorses in captivity, in aquariums.  I was given the opportunity through ZSL way back  in September, 2005 to join a research trip in Portugal with Project Seahorse. Here are the details from the trip. I spent a few days at the Parque […]

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