Sir Alister Hardy invented the CPR (continuous plankton recorder) in 1931, a device that is towed […]
If there any particular prints that you require then please email me first as I only […]
The making of the Tuna Linocut Christmas card Inspiration out on the boat… A beautiful, bright, […]
The Velvet swimming crab also known as a Witch Crab, or Devil Crab is truly one […]
OCEAN LIFE ‘Ocean Life’ is an installation of sculptures made from ghost nets in the Hall of Honour […]
Every July up to 400 artists, craftsmen, performers and musicians gather together in Waterperry Gardens, Near Wheatley, […]
Falmouth Fish Festival
Hi, I’m at the Falmouth Fish Festival for three days over the bank holiday weekend. Do […]
The Sea Portraits Exhibition Out of the blue I received a letter from Plymouth University and […]
Debby Mason the picture used for 'Sea Portraits'
Sea Portraits Article & Exhibition Piece Out of the blue I received a letter from Plymouth […]
150th Year Guides
In October, as part of Sea Portraits, I was invited to the 150th Anniversary Celebrations of […]