Sir Alister Hardy invented the CPR (continuous plankton recorder) in 1931, a device that is towed […]
The Compass jellyfish is a fairly common visitor to our waters, usually between May and October. […]
If there any particular prints that you require then please email me first as I only […]
The making of the Tuna Linocut Christmas card Inspiration out on the boat… A beautiful, bright, […]
Hovering just above the sand with their tentacles feathering and their frilly mantle fluctuating, perfectly camouflaged, […]
The Dragonet (Callionymus lyra) is an exotically coloured bottom-dwelling fish. The territorial males display yellows, reds […]
The Velvet swimming crab also known as a Witch Crab, or Devil Crab is truly one […]
The inspiration behind the etching of the Sturgeon is from drawings of a beautifully modelled silver […]
Scorpion Fish The Scorpion fish has always been intriguing to me as it looks grumpy, lumpy […]
OCEAN LIFE ‘Ocean Life’ is an installation of sculptures made from ghost nets in the Hall of Honour […]