Flying Fish Preview

The Fish are Flying

A collaborative piece with Guy Martin, a furniture maker for his touring exhibition ‘Whole Life Cost’

Flying Fish Debby Mason
Flying Fish Banner

‘As a small child, I was fortunate to see the ‘Kon-Tiki’ in a museum in Norway. I was fascinated by the raft and the models of flying fish that were scattered about the deck. Many years later when crewing a tall ship in the Caribbean a flying fish flew onto the ship and hit me on the arm – it fell flapping to the deck like a clockwork toy. I returned it to the sea. Another fish was not so lucky and I found it dead the following morning – this, however, gave me the perfect opportunity to observe it closely and make some drawings.’

Debby Mason

‘When at last we came into the blue water where the sea rolled by majestically, sunlit and sedate, ruffled by gusts of wind, we could see them glittering like a rain of projectiles, shooting from the water and flying in a straight line till their power of flight was exhausted and they vanished beneath the surface’
Thor Heyerdahl – The Kon-Tiki Expedition

Flying Fish Preview
Guy Martin Preview

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