Art in Action
Every July up to 400 artists, craftsmen, performers and musicians gather together in Waterperry Gardens, Near Wheatley, Oxford to demonstrate their skills and show their work. 

I will be demonstrating the Mezzotint and printing process at this years Art in Action – You can also watch the potter pot, the painter paint and the sculptor sculpt. You can ask the masters of the arts of jewellery, textiles, woodwork and glassblowing about the secrets of their craft. In the ever popular Practical Classes section, you will be able to have a go yourself at the art or craft of your choice with the guidance of an expert teacher.

When you need a break, there is a great selection of food and drink available and the beauty of the famous gardens is also there to soak up. The Market, with over 100 designer-makers, is also there should you be looking for that special gift.

Every day up to 600 volunteers staff the show. They help park the cars, pick up the litter, look after the demonstrating artists, care for the visitors and give the show its unique atmosphere.

‘Artists from a vast array of disciplines come to Art in Action, set-up their studios in marquees, and work, offering visitors a rare opportunity to observe the creative process first hand and to speak to the artists.’

In 1977, 51 artists and musicians took part in the first Art in Action and 14,000 visitors arrived. Today Art in Action welcomes approximately 25,000 people over four days. Visitors come to learn, buy and enjoy the exhibitions, classes and performances.


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