‘Ocean Life’ is an installation of sculptures made from ghost nets in the Hall of Honour at the Musee de Oceanographique, Monaco. Ghost nets is a term for fragments or large sections of fishing nets often wantonly abandoned off fishing vessels and now floating in surprisingly large quantities throughout our oceans, they continue to fish, trapping and killing sea creatures.

These Washed up nets along the coastlines of the Torres Strait Islands and Cape York have been utilised by very innovative artists to create depictions of marine animals vulnerable to the adverse consequences of such net hazards. Turtles, sharks, dugongs, whales and all manner of wildlife are often trapped, killed or harmed in the process of trying to break free. A strong motivation of the Ghost Net art movement is to raise awareness of the devastating effects of this pollution on marine animals, but also to the  livelihoods, custodian duties and identity of sea peoples themselves, worldwide. The interdependence of species and ecosystems depends on an urgent response and global awareness.

Taba Naba Exhibition IMG_6179

Suspended above you, the sea creatures raise awareness about protection, preservation and respect of the ocean.

IMG_6180 IMG_6186

Taba Naba Whale


The beautiful mozaic floor at the Musee

The Dragonfish on the beautiful mosaic floor at the Musee is of particular interest as I have recently completed a series of deep sea ‘Twighlight Zone’ creatures.
You can view them here at  The Twighlight Zone


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