This is the ongoing tale of his transformation from a rather drab beige sheep and wine transporter to ‘Galerie Maritime’. He is going to need a lot of work, the story begins here…

December 2021

I began the search last summer for one of those wonderful crinkly old Citroen Hy vans to turn into a mobile shop/gallery. They were made in France and Belgium between 1947 and 1981 as light weight panel vans.

I discovered a company in Cornwall that imports and restores December I purchased ‘Emil’ a beautiful 1978 van.

A dull December day to meet my new venture
From South West France to Devon ( eventually)
He’s come from rather sunnier climes, this chateau in St.Emilion .

Used as a farm vehicle, to transport sheep and wine.

The interior, empty of its cargo and looking a little sad…

Work on ‘Emil’ begins

The start of the transformation, a service hatch

Watch this space…



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