Since seeing the Bluefin Tuna last year, I’ve been planning an etching. I was deeply moved watching these truly spectacular creatures, but well aware of how fortunate I was to see them as they are seriously endangered. Tuna has been overfished for decades due to its popularity, Yellowfin tuna is now listed as ‘near-threatened. This has a knock-on effect on the delicate balance of our marine ecosystems, leaving other species struggling to survive.

Beginning to draw into the hard wax ground on the cut out the copper plate.

The drawing finished, the plate in nitric acid starting to etch. (the parcel tape is stuck on the back to prevent that from etching) The feather is to waft away any bubbles that form which might lead to an uneven bite.

Cleaning off the wax ground with white spirit, revealing my drawn lines etched into the copper.
The first print. Some filing and burnishing to do around the edges, but happy with the way it has been printed.
The copper plate and the first hand coloured print.

May 2nd is World Tuna Day!

Tuna are threatened by overwhelming demand. Approximately 7 million tonnes of tuna and tuna-like species are landed yearly.

The Musée Océanographique in Monaco has a conservation programme for Thon Rouge, (Bluefin Tuna). https://www.oceano.org/en/resources/8-monacos-actions-in-favour-of-bluefin-tuna/

United Nations World Tuna Day – Is Tuna sustainable?


Found this lovely old postcard of the Musee


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